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Andrea Spartà is a passeur. He focuses on those shapes that, melted into the immediate landscape (a contour in the shadow, a blade of grass in a meadow...), are paradoxically also withdrawn from ordinary visibility. For him, it is a matter of recreating the minimal conditions for them to come about without seeking to invent them or to dominate their destinies. This formalistic thought goes hand in hand with acute attention paid to the environment, its own arrangement, and the relationships that humans have with it. Indeed, Andrea Spartà organizes the encounter between elements that maintain a relationship of "good company" or sympathy, in order to better respect their respective integrities, even if this occurs in an accidental manner. Whether he takes the form of fiction or that of formal composition, Andrea Spartà always ultimately tries to show what it means to bring about a proper form, to be in one's rightful place, or to give an image to thought.

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